Injection Molding Services

Injection molding is what Advance Plastics does best. If you are looking for quality design, precise construction and a very high level of quality control, talk to us. From concept to completion, we have your injection molding needs covered.

What is Injection Molding?

Injection molding is the process of creating a product through the injection of a melted solid into a metal mold, where the molten plastic hardens into a designated shape. The mold then opens and the newly formed part is removed and inspected, ready for shipment or secondary manufacturing operations. Injection molding is used for many plastic or metal parts where large quantities of very specific shapes are required.

Cycle time is relatively short and large quantities of parts can be produced quickly. Some tools will produce multiple identical parts, further reducing the amount of time needed for mass production, making injection molding a very efficient process.

The advantages of injection molding are many. Injection molded parts will have good mechanical properties such as strength-to weight ratio, low mass and good surface appearance. Injection molding is one of the most cost-effective ways of manufacturing a part or product.

At Advance Plastics we have seven injection presses in our factory ranging from 60 - 200 tonnes. This means we can run a variety of parts everyday so you can have your product quickly and efficiently. We also incorporate mold making on site to build and maintain our molds.

We have a life time guarantee on our molds as long as we run the production.

Custom Injection Molding Advantages

The injection molding process has several advantages over other molding processes. The following is a short list of what you can expect from utilizing injection molding as your form of production:

  • Injection molding allows for high production output rates.
  • When manufacturing your product, you may use inserts within the mold. You may also use fillers for added strength.
  • Close tolerances on small intricate parts is possible with injection molding.
  • There is typically very little post production work required because the parts usually have a very finished look upon ejection.
  • All scrap may be reground to be reused, therefore there is very little waste.
  • Full automation is possible with injection molding.

Packaging and Assembly Services

In addition to injection molding, Advance Plastics also offers full assembly services in our secondary operation department. Value-added services help set Advance Plastics apart and allow us to offer one-stop-shop manufacturing services to you.

Let us know if we can assist with a new or current project. Contact us if you would like any further information.