Moldmaking & tool design

Advance Plastics is a plastic injection molding company manufacturing custom parts in a wide variety of plastics, elastomers and rubber. We have the ability to produce intricate molds for those difficult to manufacture custom plastic or elastomer parts. 


At Advance Plastics we take pride in the quality of our custom plastic molds. We can take care of testing, repairs and maintenance of your molds with the confidence our experienced staff guarantees. Our customers have peace of mind knowing we will store and safeguard their tool. 

Design for manufacturing and moldflow reports

Our sophisticated software will simulate the injection molding process and deliver reports to help aid in the part and tool design. The importance of a well designed part and tool must not be overlooked as this preperation is key to acheiving a smooth and predictable manufacturing process. 

Call us at 604-431-5551 or contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you! If you are in the Vancouver area, come by and discuss your CNC or mold making needs.