The Plastics Injection Molding Process at Advance Plastics

When you work with us at Advance Plastics, we are involved with you each step of your custom plastic injection molding project. In addition to our ‘client centered’ approach to project management, our experienced designers are here to provide valuable feedback on your part design. We ensure special attention is given to areas of your plastic part that you deem critical. We want to be sure that you are completely satisfied with your final molded plastic parts.

Our overall process is designed to ensure that the custom plastic parts we injection mold for you will match your specifications and tolerances. The following steps outline the plastics injection molding process from concept to final product.

Step 1 ‐ Contacting Us

  • Discuss your project over the phone.
  • E-mail us drawings of the part along with materials required in the production of the part and the quantity required.
  • Arrange a meeting should you want to discuss your projects needs in person.
  • If needed our designers will work with you to create or revise the design.
  • We will suggest what type or size of mold will best suit your needs.

Step 2 ‐ Create Prototype & Mold 

  • If required we produce a prototype for hands on review.
  • We create the mold design and prepare a quotation for the mold to be manufactured.
  • Upon mold completion, sample parts are produced for your inspection.
  • Once approved, a sample is kept as a “Golden Sample” for quality control of future production.

Step 3 ‐ Production

  • Parts are produced using aluminum or steel molds.
  • Production can be from quantities of 500 to whatever your needs are.
  • Production time dependant on quantity ordered and availability of material. You will be given a delivery date when the order is placed.
  • We can assemble your items if so desired.

Step 4 ‐ Packaging & Shipping

  • Custom packaging can be arranged and done in-house
  • Unless we have other instructions, the parts are bulk packed into recycled boxes for shipping to your location.
  • Finished products are F.O.B. our plant in Burnaby BC and can be shipped to you using the carrier of your choice.